Laws related to sheds in Victoria:

The laws relating to sheds in Victoria can be a bit tricky to navigate as they span two main areas: planning permits and building permits. Additionally, specific regulations vary depending on your local council. Here’s where you can find the relevant information:

Planning Permits:

  • Building and Management Overlay (BMO): This document within the Victorian Planning Scheme outlines when a planning permit is required for outbuildings like sheds. Generally, you won’t need a permit if your shed is:
    • Less than 100 square meters in floor area
    • Not used for accommodation (no living spaces)
    • Ancillary to a dwelling on the same land
  • Planning Victoria Website: Their “Outbuildings, sheds and similar buildings” guide delves deeper into the BMO provisions and exemptions:
  • Your Local Council Website: Each council has its own overlays and specific rules within the BMO framework. Look for “sheds” or “outbuildings” in their planning and building sections. For example, here’s South Gippsland’s page:

Building Permits:

  • Building Act 1993: This Act sets the overall framework for building work in Victoria.
  • Victorian Building Authority (VBA): The VBA website provides information on when a building permit is required for sheds, typically for structures larger than 10 square meters:
  • WorkSafe Victoria: For sheds used for work purposes, you’ll need to comply with occupational health and safety regulations:

Additional resources:

Remember: It’s always best to check with your local council directly to confirm specific regulations and application processes for your area. They can also advise on any overlays or other restrictions that might apply to your property.