Laws related to sheds in Tasmania:

Finding the relevant laws about sheds in Tasmania involves checking a few different sources, depending on the size and specifics of your shed project. Here are your options:

1. National Construction Code (NCC) and Tasmanian legislation:

  • All building work in Tasmania must comply with both the National Construction Code (NCC) and Tasmanian building legislation. The NCC sets minimum standards for building safety, health, and amenity, while Tasmanian legislation adds specific requirements based on local conditions.
  • You can find the NCC through the Australian Building Codes Committee website:
  • Tasmanian building legislation is available online through the Tasmanian Legislation Online website:
  • A helpful resource is the “Consumer building information” page on the Consumer Building Services Tasmania website, which outlines what building work you can do without a permit and explains the permit requirements for different shed sizes:

2. Building Act 2016:

3. Local council planning requirements:

  • In addition to building regulations, you may also need to obtain planning approval from your local council before building a shed. Each council has its own planning scheme with specific rules on the location, size, and design of buildings.
  • You can find information about planning requirements on your local council’s website.

Additional resources:

Remember, the specific laws that apply to your shed project will depend on the size, type, and location of the shed. If you’re unsure about anything, it’s always best to contact your local council or a building surveyor for advice.